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Card-To-Card Connectors Tout Unique Design

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Well-suited for use in high-end workstations and servers, wireless base stations, and other datacomm and telecomm systems, Omnigrid Power Module board-to-board connectors are designed for use with any backplane connector system, including DIN 41612, Hard Metric, High Density Metric, and Futurebus- however, the latter requires a daughtercard modification.The connectors stand only 25 mm high, have a 15A per blade at 70°C rating, employ dual-beam, double-sided contacts to achieve a low insertion force connection, and offer two mating levels for "first mate, last break" protection. They also employ a unique configuration in which the female connector sits on the backplane and the male connector on the daughtercard to help isolate contacts on the backplane. The power modules come in 4- and 7-circuit sizes.

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