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Card Combines Digital Receiver And A/D Functions

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Combining FPGA technology and channelized software radio functionality, the Model 6230 32-channel digital receiver delivers A/D and digital receiver functions on a single VMEbus board, which, it is said, eliminates the need for three separate boards. The board accepts four analog RF inputs via four front-panel connectors. Each input is amplified, low-pass filtered and digitized by a 14-bit A/D converter that is capable of operating at sample rates up to 65 MHz. The front-end amplifiers accept signals up to 90 MHz to support undersampling when the low-pass filters are bypassed. Eight quad, narrowband digital receiver chips provide center frequency tuning on each channel from dc to 32 MHz with a 0.02-Hz resolution and output bandwidths ranging from 3.2 kHz to 1.6 MHz. Each chip has a crossbar switch that allows all 32 channels to select any of the four a/d inputs. Pricing is $7,495 with delivery times ranging from 20 to 24 weeks ARO.

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