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Card Inputs Images And Data Into C.A.T. Image Processing And Display Systems

Accepting a wide range of digitized, real-time sensor inputs such as radar, linescan and sonar data, Jaguar card provides input of images and data from special sensors into firm's C.A.T. image processing and display systems. When used for radar input, the 8 Mbytes of VRAM is partitioned as dual 2k x 2k polar stores or a single polar store with 2k azimuth and 4k range cells. The Jaguar is compatible with firm's comprehensive range of radar digitization and pre-processing cards. Based on a C80 processor with RISC processor core and four integral DSPs, the C.A.T. range allows the processing of video, sonar and radar from multiple sensors for display on multiple windows. Internal buses allow data to be transferred within the board at up to 400 Mbytes/s and passed between the C.A.T. and its daughtercards at speeds of up to 200 Mytes/s.


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