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Card Taps ADCs And FPGAs To Perform Speedy A/D Conversions

Integrating MAX108 A/D converters and programmable FPGAs in a 6U VME64X card, the ECAD-X-081500 is available for providing one or two channels of 8-bit, 1.5-GHz analog-to-digital conversions. The ADCs have a SFDR in excess of 55 dBFS for input of intermediate frequencies (IFs) up to 1 GHz and A/D sample rates from 100 MHz to 1.5 GHz. Absolute phase coherence is maintained between channels for the 2-channel models and can also be maintained between boards in many-channel systems. And each channel has a 4-megasample FIFO buffer and is interfaced to one, two or three Xilinx Vertex FPGAs. Front panel connectors are provided for analog input, A/D clock, sync signal, and other input signals. Data is output through Dual RACE++ interfaces, the LVDS output port, or the VME64X interface. Board set-up, control registers and the user-programmable FPGAs are accessible through the VME interface. Pricing for the ECAD-X-081500 board starts at $13,000 each. For more information, contact Gary Turchetta at ECHOTEK CORP., Huntsville, AL (256) 721-1911.


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