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CardBus Controller Enables IEEE-1394a Connectivity For Notebooks

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By melding a CardBus controller together with an IEEE-1394a open host controller interface (OHCI) link layer controller onto a single IC, PCI4450 chip is said to provide a unique solution for implementing 1394 functionality in notebook computer, docking station, and small form-factor and LCD desktop systems. Saving designers valuable circuit board space by providing both dual-slot CardBus connectivity and a high-performance IEEE-1394a interface in one device, the new chip employs a pipelined architecture that supports data rates of >130 Mbytes/s. It also includes zoom video buffers to speed up the video display process and programmable multi-function pins that can be set by the BIOS, thus increasing design flexibility.PCI4450 is compliant with all appropriate CardBus standards, as well as with IEEE-1394-1995, IEEE-1394a, PCI specs (rev. 2.1), and PCI Power Management specs. It also is PCI interface compatible with both 3.3V and 5V signaling environments. Sample and production quantities are expected to become available during the 1st quarter of '99. The firm also is launching the TSB41LV02 IEEE-1394a PHY chip that allows data rates up to 400 Mbits/s and provides two 1394 ports in a 64-pin TQFP.

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