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Cards Add Security Features To Networks And Computers

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Based on the company's CR7020 full-duplex, gigabit-speed security processor, the Secturion 1000 and 1100 cards are designed to ease the integration and shorten the development time for adding security features to networks and computers. And for both SSL and IPsec, the security processing boards offload the system processor of all IP security-related processing while maintaining network data rates. Available in both PCI and low-profile PMC form-factors, the Secturion cards deliver 4400 RSA key decrypts/s (1024-bit modulus with Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT), which is said to equate to initiating about 4,000 secure sessions/s for Web-based applications and as many as 3,400 secure tunnels for VPN solutions. The cards come with a full suite of cryptographic algorithms, 16 MB of ECC-protected DDR SDRAM, a PL3 daughtercard expansion connector, and cost from $650 to $950 each in volume quantities. CORRENT CORP., Tempe, AZ. (480) 648-2300.

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