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Cards Bring Added Flexibility To PC/104 System Design

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Three new PC/104 boards have been developed that, together, are said to offer maximum flexibility to designers seeking to integrate console I/O, networks, CPLD and CompactFlash into PC/104-compatible systems. The highly customizable MPC920 Altera CPLD board packs a 256-macrocell, JTAG-programmable complex PLD, as well as interface logic in both VHDL and schematic formats. Price: $275. The MPC425 converts a SBC's IDE port to a CompactFlash (CF) socket and can be added to a PC/104 stack to allow CF memory cards to be located remotely. It comes in a PC/104 stack ($85) or as a standalone ($75). The MPC205 ($295) is said to contain all of the user I/O needed to turn a "headless" PC/104 SBC into a full-blown computer. For more details, call Ken Finster at MICRO/SYS INC., Montrose, CA. (818) 244-4600

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