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Cards Store Analog Data Directly To Memory At Torrid Pace

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Said to be the first data acquisition boards with 64-bit PCI DMA transfers, the ADDA12-100DMA and AD8-100DMA boards can continuously store analog data dierctly into system memory at sustained speeds of 100 MB/s and peak speeds of 140 MB/s. They can achieve sustained DMA (bus mastering) thoughtput rates of 100 MB/s, allowing uninterrupted acquisition and storage of hundreds or even thousands of megabytes of data to system memory where it is accessible at very high speeds to CPUs, disks, or networks. And even in systems with only 32-bit PCI slots, ADDA12-100DMA card can achieve continuous, 80-MB/s transfers to memory. The AD12-100DMA (12-bit, 50-Ms and dual 12-bit, 25-Ms ADCs), AD8-100DMA (8-bit, 100-Ms and dual 8-bit, 50-Ms ADCs), and ADDA12-100DMA (12-bit, 50-Ms/s and dual 12-bit, 25-Ms/s ADCs and dual 14-bit, 10-Ms/s DAC) are designed for high-speed, low-jitter operation in defense, scientific, industrial and medical applications.

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