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Carlo Gavazzi Courts CompactPCI

Jim Tierney, Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions' Vice President of Government Systems, highlighted a number of PC-based, CompactPCI and AdvancedTCA solutions at Bus and Board.

The PC-based boards included the Apollo (Model 4022P) and Saturn (Model 4522P) 4-port Multiport RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 serial boards. These can handle rates up to 256 kbps synchronous and 230.4 kbps asynchronous, full duplex.

The 5359 Series FabricPac SM CompactPCI 2.16-compliant switch fabric platform (see the Figure) contains a PICMG 2.16 switch fabric backplane that delivers a maximum data throughput of over 40 Gbits/s. It can handle ten 2.16 fabric node slots (eight slots contain the 64-b/33-MHz PCI bus) and two switch slots. The system is available with dual ac or dc input 600-W or 400-W PICMG 2.11 power supplies.

On the AdvancedTCA side, there was the high-density 5U AdvancedTCA 546 Series system. It is PICMG 3.0 Revision 2.0-compliant. It is great for high-bandwidth applications with its six slots. The 546 Series is available in a "quick turn" customization option that allows the company to meet individual customer specifications. It has a 3X replicated full mesh extended fabric connectivity interface. Each channel's four ports have been optimized to handle SerDes devices up to 10 Gbits/s, faster than current requirements. The system also features two rear-pluggable PEM interfaces and two front-pluggable system management modules. It has two redundant, six-fan modules that deliver 250 W/slot of front-side cooling and 30 W of back-side cooling.

For more information, visit Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions.

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