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Cars To Get Smarter With Development Of New Java-Centric Architecture

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In-vehicle dynamic navigation, wireless connectivity and Internet access, and virtual dashboards are among the products promised for the MobileGT Platform Development Environment. Initially targeted for use in automotive driver information systems, MobileGT is an open, Java-centric architecture that takes advantage of QNX Neutrino RTOS's hard real-time capabilities to provide a deterministic system foundation while being POSIX API compliant. It takes into account all aspects of system cost, including development time, software licensing and support, microcontroller performance requirements, memory systems, and the availability of third party software apps.MobileGT also incorporates IBM's VisualAge for Embedded Systems, Java Technology Edition virtual machine, and development tools optimized for use with QNX Neutrino. And rounding out the development package are Embedded Planet's RPX series of SBCs that can function as a development system for building software solutions, then as prototypes to ensure working product.

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