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Casetronic C137 Mini-ITX Case

The $156 Casetronic C137 Mini-ITX Case (see the figure) looks great in a A/V rack. But for the lack of an LCD display, it would look like the typical CD or DVD player. It can also handle a Micro-ATX motherboard. It has a power button, two status LEDs, a Compact Flash slot and a slimline optical drive slot on the front panel. The FB-4652 Compact Flash to IDE adapter ($28) is required it you want to fill the Compact Flash slot.

The case will fit a 2.5- or 3.5-in hard disk. The latter limits the number of expansion slots to one (two with a 2.5-in disk). The half length PCI cards fit sideways and most motherboards require an optional riser card and/or extension cards as well.

The case has plenty of ventilation and a single 60mm fan on one side. The power supply incorporates a DC-to-DC converter inside the board and a power brick (90W and 120W versions) outside the box.

The case makes a great home media system. It is also rugged enough for an industrial PC.

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