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Celeron-Based SBC Suits PCI/ISA Backplane Systems

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Designed for PICMG-compliant PCI/ISA backplane systems, the SBCP2BX370 is a Celeron-based single-board computer that includes a feature set that well-suited for industrial and telephony applications. The board uses Intel's Socket 370 PPGA Celeron processor and 440BX chipset. On the board is a host of high-performance features, including a PCI Ultra2 SCSI bus, a PCI EIDE Ultra DMA/33 bus, an integrated AGP video controller, and IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T LAN, two USB 1.0 ports, two serial ports and a parallel port. The board also provides connectors on its rear I/O bracket for a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, LAN, and display monitor. CPU speeds range from 300 MHz to 433 MHz.

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