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Celeron CPU Card Utilizes PISA Bus

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The MBC-6310 half-size Celeron CPU card utilizes a PISA-bus for high-speed ISA/PCI-bus applications. The board features a C&T 69000 graphics controller, one multimode parallel port, two serial ports, two bus-mastering EIDE controllers with DMA/33 support, USB and IrDA support, and a 32-pin DIP socket for DiskOnChip modules in sizes up to 288 MB. The board supports either Celeron processors from 300 MHz to 600 MHz or Pentium III Coppermine CPUs up to 800 MHz. Other features include the Intel 82440ZX AGP chipset and support for up to 256 MB of SDRAM via one 168-pin DIMM socket. Single-unit pricing is $450.

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