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Celoxica, GiDEL Team On FPGA Coprocessors

In partnership with GiDEL, Celoxica plans to drastically reduce design time for high-end image processing, broadcast and machine vision applications. Using programmable logic as a low-power coprocessor to accelerate system performance, the partnership will integrate Celoxica’s ESL design environment and video IP libraries with GiDEL’s high-performance FPGA+ modular DSP platforms.

The maturity of ESL design tools for FPGA, coupled with demand for real-time performance in imaging and video-based applications, has turned designers to programmable logic to provide coprocessor acceleration to existing DSPs or microprocessors. Processor-intensive functions are offloaded to the FPGA, processed in real time, and returned to the host or migrated completely to the FPGA fabric.

Celoxica’s system design tools enable developers to implement their proprietary C algorithms directly into the FPGA hardware and are augmented with libraries of parameterizable video IP. Using Celoxica’s open-API software and board support packages, users create imaging applications independent of board-level detail and compile their applications to program the FPGAs on GiDEL platforms.

Celoxica’s DK Design Suite of programming tools and PixelStreams library of parameterizable video IP target GiDEL’s PROC series of high-performance reconfigurable computing platforms. The modular boards are fitted with high density FPGAs from Altera and high-end DSPs from Texas Instruments, and are supported by high-speed interconnects. To support imaging applications, GiDEL’s platforms offer VGA, DVI, and the industry-standard CameraLink formats.

Bundled hardware and software solutions are available immediately, with pricing dependent upon platform configuration and modular options.

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