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Central Office Shelf Complies With AdvancedTCA Specs

In conjunction with backplane partner Comtel Electronics GmbH, the company has announced a new 19" central office shelf that has 14 slots electrically and mechanically compliant with the PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA specification. The CO-Star 13U central office shelf is designed to meet GR-63, GR-1089 UL/EN 60950 EN55024 for NEBS Level III. This unit handles power dissipation up to 200W per board at 55°C by using multiple high performance fans in push-pull mode. CO-Star fans are located in easily serviced units above and below the board area. Power is supplied to the shelf through the rear-mounted power entry module and is distributed in a redundant arrangement so that a single power feed or a single PEM can fail without affecting system operation. Two Shelf Management Controllers from Force Computers are included. To ensure a high level of redundancy, even with a single controller, every IPMC has a separate control processor for each IPMB with information sharing. The CO-Star product comes in a Dual Star configuration, as well as Dual-Dual star and Full Mesh configurations. The backplane is optimized for high-speed use with controlled losses and accurate impedances. Group skew is closely matched, and performance is optimized for speeds greater than 3.125 Gb/s. Pricing is $10,730. TRACEWELL SYSTEMS INC., Columbus, OH. (800) 848-4525.


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