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Ceramic Caps Challenge Tantalums For PC Board Assignments

Intended as replacements for tantalum and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the GRM series of ceramic capacitors is targeted for use in electronic circuits such as are found in cell phones and computers. The new caps are designed to add filtering, coupling and de-coupling, and bypassing capabilities to the circuits, with their high-frequency performance making them particularly well-suited for use in secondary suppression circuits in switching power supplies and other high-frequency products. They also are useful in eliminating noise in LCD bias circuits. Compared to the devices they seek to replace, the GRM series of MLC capacitors is said to offer lower ESR and dissipation factors, higher insulation resistances, long-term dielectric stability, higher breakdown voltages, and low heat generation at high frequencies. At an average of 16 weeks, lead time for the caps is said to be considerably less than that for tantalum devices.


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