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Chassis Holds Data Acquisition, DSP Boards

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For design/implementation of cPCI data acquisition and signal processing systems, the CPCI-SYS-1 consists of a 4U chassis equipped with a 230W universal-input power supply, eight-slot 3U card cage and backplane, 3.2GB Ultra DMA EIDE hard disk drive, 3.5" floppy disk drive and optional CD-ROM drive. Loaded with accessories, this system can be used as a standalone entity or mounted in a 19" rack. Firm offers and extensive library of high performance 14- to 16-bit, 200-kHz to 10-MHz cPCI data acquisition and 40-MHz dual SHARC DSP boards that can be custom configured with the CPCI-SYS-1 to provide powerful, application-specific resources. Additional accessories and hardware support includes CPCI 3U Intel 233-MHz Pentium MMX processor board, SVGA graphics controller board and Windows NT operating system.

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