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Chip Claims To Be First CMOS Analog Telephone Interface

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Touted as the world's first integrated CMOS analog telephone interface, the Si3210 ProSLIC integrates a subscriber- line interface circuit (SLIC), codec, and dc-to-dc converter controller onto a single chip. The CMOS device is programmable to meet global telephony standards, including cable telephony, wireless local loop, PBX, VoIP, and ISDN.In addition, the IC integrates a five-ringer equivalency number ringing generator, dual-tone multiple frequency decoder, and dual-tone generator. It also features programmable SLIC impedance. In addition to the Si3210, the ProSLIC family includes the Si3211 and Si3212, with pricing starting at $4.49 each/10,000. An evaluation board is available for $150.

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