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Chip Integrates Base-Band Processor And Transceiver

A single chip, the E-GOLDradio combines a quad-band radio transceiver with a base-band processor in a 9 mm x 9 mm package that consumes less than 4-cm square of board space, about 30% less space than two-chip topologies. Essentially, it consists of the PMB 7860 base-band processor and the PMB 6270 RF transceiver. The device also promises to reduce the bill of materials by about 30% by eliminating a number of external components. Additionally, it provides support for protocols up to GPRS class 12. In terms of design support, the BP3 reference platform provides a power supply, memory, keypad, camera, color displays, and comprehensive software including the GSM/GPRS Release 99 protocol stack, application programming object-oriented extendable interface (APOXI), and the Man-Machine-Interface (MMI). INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES CORP. San Jose, CA. (408) 501-6000.


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