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Chip Measures And Records Temperature Data Over Time

A Y2K-compatible real-time clock, digital thermometer, nonvolatile memory, control logic and a serial interface combine to make the DS1615 temperature recorder IC a one-chip instrument for measuring temperature integrity and variability over time. Collected data are stored both in a data log and in a histogram for easy thermal distribution analysis.Only a few real-time clock and control registers need programming to begin data collection. The single-chip device takes little board space and reduces OEM test and inventory costs while improving overall reliability.The device can operate in a stand-alone system as a complete data logger for uses such as monitoring perishable products in transit, and food handling and storage conditions. Programmers gain control over multiple functions through both standard three-wire synchronous and RS-232 interfaces with a built-in CRC generator. Nonvolatile memory can record 2048 consecutive temperatures.


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