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Chip Revs Up PCI-To-PCI Bridge Performance

Pin-to-pin compatible with Intel’s 21154 PCI-to-PCI bridge, the V390PPB high-performance, 64-bit, 66-MHz chip performs PCI-to-PCI bridging functions. The hot-swap-ready device expands the capabilities of the host PCI bridge by providing an extension to support additional PCI devices or slots on a system board. It simplifies the design by providing a single chip with all the necessary logic to implement a complex PCI bus-based system. The chip is designed to meet the growing need for high-speed data transfers in the digital communications market. While pin-to-pin compatible with the 21154, the device offers enhancements that include FIFOs that are four times larger and support for 66-MHz clocks on both primary and secondary bus, asynchronous clock I2O message unit, more general-purpose programmable I/Os, and more.


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