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Chip Simplifies Connection Of Non-PC Devices To The Internet

Claimed to offer a complete Internet-enabling solution for remote, non-PC devices, iChip provides this functionality without requiring any additional memory components, Internet programming, or major hardware redesign. The chip melds together both hardware and software, eliminating the need for an expensive processor, server or PC interface. And iChip is also remotely updateable via the Internet, ensuring the device’s long-term viability amidst future changes in Internet protocols and implementations around the world.Initially targeted at applications requiring low bandwidth transmissions, iChip Internet connectivity peripheral chip is well-suited for products with low computing resources that can benefit from dial-up or LAN connectivity to the Internet. Installed between the host processor and the communications line on a device’s host board, iChip is said to simplify communications with the processor by using the firm’s extension of the Hayes AT command set. The IC is available in 68-pin PLCCs or as the Socket iChip in which the IC is mounted on a carrier board that fits into the socket of the SocketModem.


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