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Chips Manage Power For Battery-Operated Products

Increased efficiency and overall system performance are said to be achieved with the release of two new families of power management devices, which also reduce board space and component count required in DSP- and µP-based applications. Both families are designed for power-sensitive, battery-powered products, such as laptops, PDAs and cell phones. The TPS6012x and TPS6013x, the firm's new family of dc/dc converters, are charge pumps with an adaptable voltage conversion ratio that optimizes the power conversion efficiency for the wide input voltage range of a two-cell battery stack. The new family of power controllers, the TPS5102 and TPS5103, are suited for notebook PCs and other battery-powered applications where high efficiency is necessary to conserve battery life. The TPS6012x and TPS6013x devices come in a 20-pin, PowerPAD package, the TPS5102 comes in a 30-pin TSSOP and the TPS5103 in a 20-pin SSOP.

Company: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. - Semiconductor Group, Literature Response Center

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