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Chipset And Software Target Next Generation ADMs

With an eye on the future, the TXC-OMNI chipset and software combo is designed for the development of next generation add drop multiplexers (ADMs), digital cross connects (DCSs) and hybrid time division multiplexing (TDM) and data-switching systems. The chipset consists of the TXC-OMNI switch element (SE) and the TXC-OMNI transport processor (TP). The software portion includes an advanced support package, including distributed API, silicon firmware, diagnostic software, simulators, and a fully functional reference system with reference designs. The TXC-OMNI SE is a 12-port, non-blocking time-space switch element that simultaneously supports TDM and data switching in native format. It features an aggregate data rate of over 30 Gb/s, on-board RISC processor, full support of multi-stage switch architectures, and an integrated SerDes link. Other features include switching granularity with support for VT1.5, TU-11/TU-12, STS-1, and VC-3 without connectivity restrictions. The TXC-OMNI TP add/drop multiplexer provides SONET/SDH framing, full SONET/SDH protection mechanisms, and high and low order pointer processing. It also provides programmable processing granularity from VT1.5/TU11/12 up to STS-48c/ AU4-16c levels in a single VLSI device. Bundled with the chipset, the software package includes a service-aware API, a complete API simulator, system-level diagnostic software, compilers, assemblers, and debuggers. The TXC-OMNI SE is available in a 624-lead PBGA, and the TXC-OMNI TP comes in a 1,088-lead PBGA. Single-unit pricing in volume for the TXC-OMNI SE and TXC-OMNI TP is $1,100 and $ 1,350 each, respectively. For further information, contact TRANSWITCH CORP., Shelton, CT. (203) 929-8810.


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