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Chipset Cuts Cost Of TDMA Cell Phones

Designed to reduce needed component count and to cut costs by as much as 30% in TDMA cell phones, the MGCM02 and MGCT04 RF chipset provides a complete IF receiver, baseband interface, and transmitter. The MGCM02 is an IF receiver and baseband interface device in a 49-pin BGA measuring just 7 mm2.The MGCT04 transmitter chip provides the transmit function in dual-band, dual-mode TDMA/AMPS and CDMA/AMPS phones and comes in a 5 mm2 micro lead frame (MLF) package. Currently sampling, the chipset is priced at about $5 each in high volumes. A reference design and an evaluation board are also available. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 592 0200.


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