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Chipset Fortifies AMD CPUs

Empowering AMD parallel and serial VID (PVID and SVID) processors, the IR3514 and IR3507 XPhase chipset helps designers migrate from AMD processors requiring a parallel VID to SVID processors without the need to change the motherboard. Pairing with the IR3507 phase IC, the IR3514 provides a power-saving interface capability to turn phases (N-1) on or off depending on CPU load requirements. It receives power-savings commands through the SVI serial bus and communicates this information to the IR3507 phase IC to improve efficiency at light loads and MIPS per Watt. The chip’s six-wire communication bus reduces the number of external discrete components and it interfaces with any number of phase ICs, each driving and monitoring a single phase. Additionally, the IR3514 provides independent control of both the VDD core and VDDNB auxiliary planes. In PVI mode, it controls the VDD core plane through six parallel VID input bits while the VDDNB plane power stage stays at a high impedance. An overall system set point accuracy of 0.5% is achievable. Other features include programmable dynamic VID slew rates, programmable VID Offset (VDD output only), and programmable output impedance (VDD output only). Pricing for the devices begins at $1.75 each/10,000. INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7726.


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