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Chipset Helps Create Channelized Broadband Single-Board Designs

Claimed to be the first complete channelized OC-12 solution for 622-Mb/s SONET/SDH and 1.5-Mb/s T1/E1 systems, the Spectra-622 chipset will reportedly allow a single board to be built that can replace up to the 10 cards previously required for channelized broadband applications, such as multi-service add/drop multiplexers, switches, routers, and central office digital cross connects. And when combined with the firm’s existing FREEDM HDLC processor, TEMUX M13 MUX and AAL1gator AAL1SAR, the set allows complete channelized systems from DS-O (64 Kb/s) to OC-12/STM4 (622 Mb/s) to be implemented.The chipset consists of the PM5313 Spectra-622, PM5363 TUPP+622 and PM5365 TEMAP. The Spectra-622 is said to be the industry’s first OC-12 SONET/SDH payload extractor/aligner featuring on-chip serializer/deserializer with integrated clock recovery and clock synthesis. The TUPP+622 is a configurable, multi-channel SONET/SDH and VT/TU pointer processor. And the TEMAP device is designed to provide high-density VT/TU mapping. All three of the chips operate from a 3.3V power supply. And with its full Automatic Protection Switching feature, the set is said to provide the first standard, system-level solution for meeting SONET/SDH multi-service equipment requirements. All three devices are available now, with PM5313 chip coming in 520-pin SBGAs, PM5363 residing in 304-pin SBGAs, and PM5365 housed in 324-pin PBGAs.


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