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Chipset Implements Analog/Digital CT-900 Cordless Phones

When combined with an 8-bit MCU, a set of four ICs comprises a complete digital or analog CT-900 cordless phone or any of several other 900-MHz ISM-band designs. The MC13145, MC13146, MC33410 and MC33411A and B are believed to be the first complete RF analog chipset for low-power cordless phone designs. The four ICs are all designed to work together, with the interfaces between them fully defined. They greatly simplify design work and allow the use of compact pc board layouts.The MC13145 is a low-power UHF wideband receiver subsystem. Transmitting is performed by the MC13146 IC. The MC33410 digitizes speech for RF transmission and decodes received digital speech. The MC33411 A and B are for 900-MHz baseband systems.


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