Electronic Design

Choose OTG Or Ethernet With This 32-Bit MCU

Freescale's entry-level 80-MHz MCF5223x ColdFire family comes in two flavors. The first incorporates a USB 2.0 Full Speed On-the-go (OTG) interface. The other not only has a Fast Ethernet controller complete with a physical layer, it also can include hardware encryption and CAN 2.0 controllers. Both chips have 32 kbytes of SRAM and up to 256 kbytes of flash. Other common devices include queued SPI, I2C, three UARTs, four 32-bit timers, four 16-bit pulsewidth modulators, four-channel DMA, over 50 general-purpose I/O pins, an eight-channel, 12-bit analogto-digital converter, and an enhanced multiply/ accumulate (EMAC) module. Pricing for the MCF5223x family starts at $5.49. Demo boards start at $99. A $299 development kit includes the CodeWarrior Development Studio. www.freescale.com

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