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Clock Buffer Readied For Future Communications

Reportedly the first product manufactured with the company's 0.2-micron BiCMOS process, the RoboClock II programmable clock buffers for next generation communications applications deliver performance up to 185 MHz. The devices have the ability to multiply and divide by one through six, eight, 10 and 12 and to provide 18 outputs.
Other features include user-selectable redundant reference clocks for fault tolerance. Each reference-clock input is hot-swap capable and can accommodate differential PECL, LVTTL, or single-ended LVTTL signals.
The devices allow designers to compensate for clock skews arising from varying circuit-board trace lengths and to adjust device setup-and-hold times. They also have the ability to distribute a spread-spectrum signal.
The CY7B994 (185 MHz) and the CY7B993V (100 MHz) are priced at $25 and $20, respectively, each/10,000.


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