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Clocks Work At High Speeds

Intended for high-performance Pentium II motherboards operating at 100 MHz bus speeds, the CY228x family of clocks meet low EMI specifications and include 48-pin, all-in-one motherboard solutions and compact 28-pin solutions for use with CY321xNZ SDRAM buffer chips. The two-chip solution lets designers minimize system noise by placing the buffer chip closer to the SRAM modules. The CY228x devices are also available with firm's proprietary spread spectrum technology that reduces overall system EMI. The clocks support up to four selectable CPU clocks at speeds up to 100 MHz and provide eight synchronous PCI clocks and two APIC clocks. Other features are support for one to three USB clocks, AGP, one to three 2.5V IOAPIC (I/O Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) clocks and up to three reference clocks. Devices also offer power-down features to save energy and provide low skew and jitter.


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