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CMOS LDO Replaces 800 mA Bipolars

Designed to replace 800 mA, bi-polar low dropout regulators (LDOs), the TC2117 CMOS LDO provides a low dropout voltage of 600 mV at 800 mA and a supply current of 80 µA at no load. Said to respond to step changes in load faster than most CMOS and bi-polar regulators, the device provides a high-output voltage accuracy of ±5%. Other features include over-temperature and over-current protection and pin-compatibility with the industry standard 1117 pin out. In addition, a 1 µF output capacitor and the device's small, three-pin SOT-223 footprint are said to minimize component cost and reduce board space. A three-pin D2PAK version is also available. Prices for the TC2117 SOT-223 and D2PAK LDOs are $1.01 and $1.29, respectively, each/1,000. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (480) 792-7668.


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