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CMOS SLICs Perform All BORSCHT Functions

By integrating two subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs) and two codecs on-chip, the Si3220 and Si3225 Dual ProSLIC CMOS chips are said to be the industryÕs smallest and most programmable analog telephony interfaces for traditional access networks and customer premise equipment (CPE)Ñthe devices require less than 2 in.2 of board space. Further, the Dual ProSLICs offer global compliance via software programmability, as well as integrated test and line monitoring, allowing a single hardware design to be implemented for worldwide markets while reducing subscriber line provisioning and service costs.The Dual ProSLIC architecture includes an extensive set of signal generation, line monitoring, and diagnostic processing tools for detecting subscriber loop faults and equipment malfunctionsÑthe Dual ProSLICs can perform all battery, over-voltage, ringing, supervision, coding, hybrid and test (BORSCHT) functions per LSSGR and ITU standards. The Si3220 is for use in shorter-loop (2,000 to 12,000 feet) CPE applications, while the Si3225 is optimized for use in central office (CO) and other long-loop (up to 18,000 feet) applications. The ICs operate from a 3.3V to 5V supply and interface directly to standard PCM/SPI or GCI digital interfaces, with all high voltage functions being performed using the Si3200 line-feed interface IC. The Si3220 and Si3225 come in 64-pin TQFPs and the Si3200 is a 16-pin SOIC. Per-channel pricing for the chipset starts at $5.14 each/10,000. SILICON LABORATORIES INC., Austin, TX. (512) 464-9426.


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