Electronic Design

Color-Coded Stereo Jacks Implement An RFI/EMI Shield

To protect against interference, new two- and three-position, 3.5-mm stereo jacks feature a radio-frequency-interference/electromagnetic-interference shield. The parts use PC99 colors for proper identification for the PC industry. The CTP-JD-3502 is a two-high jack with a lime green color on the top (output) over a light-blue-colored input. The three-high jack, the CTP-JT-3503, features a light blue top, a lime-green-colored middle, and a light pink bottom for the microphone input. All accept industry-standard headsets and speakers used in the PC market. Insulated bushing yields protection against interference generated by the grounded portion of the system. The plastic is UL-94-V0-rated for product safety. Gold-plated contacts ensure low resistance to the plug, and tin-plated pc-board leads ease soldering processes. Both models have a rated lifetime of 5000 cycles. In production volumes, the CTP-JD-3502 and CTP-JT-3503 cost $0.75 and $0.82 each, respectively. Delivery is from stock to eight weeks.

Connect-Tech Products Inc.
www.connect-tech-products.com; (800) 809-2751

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