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Color Monitors' CRTs Packaged In Chassis, Kits Or Cabinets

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The Omni Vision line of color CRT monitors can be modified to meet specific electrical and mechanical needs and come in 10", 14" and 15" sizes packaged in chassis, kits and cabinets. Quality features include a highly reliable double-sided G10 (FR4) board with plated-through holes and trimmers that are readily accessible for fast circuit adjustment. Other features include µP control, automatic synchronization, automatic display adjust, 16-gauge steel chassis with neck-board support, G10 board upgrade option, operating temperature range of 0°C to 55°C, 105°C electrolytics, 24-hour burn-in, automatic ranging power input of 100 to 240 vac, and MRP II Emission Compliance. This EPA Energy Star product is available for supporting VGA, SVGA, 8514A, and VESA VGA formats. Horizontal frequency is 31 to 48 kHz, auto sync. Vertical frequency range is 50 to 90 Hz, auto sync. And video response is 70 MHz. Maximum resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels interlaced and non-interlaced. The color CRTs use a 15-pin D-subminiature signal connector.

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