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Color/Monochrome Frame Grabber Carries Integrated Display Section

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The Orion frame grabber board supports standard color/monochrome video capture and integrates a display section based on the MGA G400 graphics controller. The board takes advantage of AGP data transfer rates, which allow for the design of "rich" user interfaces. It also provides faster graphics updates and frees up host CPU cycles to handle other tasks. The AGP interface also frees a PCI slot for other peripherals.The board captures standard analog composite and S-video in NTSC/PAL formats, as well as composite RS-170/CCIR video formats. It also includes discrete A/D converters for capturing component RGB in a NTSC/PAL video format. A separate trigger input is provided for synchronizing video capture to external events. The MGA G400 controller boasts two independent CRT controllers, as well as non-destructive graphics overlay of live video.

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