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Communications: Bluetooth Profiles Ease Message, Image, Audio Transfers, And More

A new set of Bluetooth Profiles, including A2DP, GAVDP, HID, BIP, BPP, and HCRP, is now part of the aveLink profile family. Bluetooth A2DP and GAVDP profiles provide seamless distribution of high-quality stereo audio over Bluetooth wireless links. The A2DP profile assists MP3 players, audio systems, in-car entertainment systems, TVs, mobile phones, multicasting for conferences, laptops/PCs/PDAs, and gaming devices when delivering entertainment content. The Human Interface Device profile defines the protocol, procedures, and features for keyboards, pointing devices, barcode readers, and so on. BIP and BPP profiles handle image and text/e-mail transfers, respectively, while HCRP provides print client support for programs like MS Word, Excel, and others. Contact the company for licensing terms.

Atinav LLC
(732) 412-3000

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