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Communications: Network Storage Processors Cut System Complexity And Cost

The IT3107 and IT3102 system-on-a-chip network storage processors are taking aim to power the industry's next generation of network attached storage (NAS) and media server appliances. Integrating Gigabit Ethernet, multiple serial ATA (SATA) hard-disk interfaces, and hardware-based RAID 0/1/5 redundancy into a single chip can prepare network storage devices for broader markets. The IT3107 has a four-channel SATA interface, and the IT3102 has a two-channel SATA interface. The integrated Gigabit Ethernet MAC supports jumbo packets for more efficient data transfers, and an on-chip PCI host controller provides expansion flexibility. Both chips also include a 64-bit double-data-rate SDRAM Interface, an encryption/decryption engine, diskless boot using NAND flash, and other features. In 1000-unit lots, the IT3107 and 3102 sell for $120 and $80 apiece, respectively. Reference boards, NAS software, and a customizable Linux operating system are also available.

Infrant Technologies

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