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Communications: PIN Diodes Now Available In Space-Saving SOD-323 Packages

Three high-performance PIN diodes housed in RoHS-compliant (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) lead-free SOD-323 (small-outline diode) plastic packages consume less board space than prior versions housed in three-lead SOT-23 (small-outline transistor) and SOT-323 packages. The SOD-323 measures just 1.7 by 1.25 by 0.95 mm, versus the 3- by 2.5- by 1.1-mm and the 2- by 2.1- by 1.1-mm size of the SOT-23 and 323 packages, respectively. The HSMP-389Z is optimized for RF switching applications. Its 3.8-Ω series resistance at 1 mA drops to 1.5 Ω at 10 mA. It offers a total capacitance of 0.2 pF with a reverse voltage of 5-V at 1 MHz. The HSMP-386Z is optimized for low distortion. It provides a series resistance of 15 Ω at 1 mA and 1.5 Ω at 10 mA, as well as a total capacitance of 0.23 pF. The HSMP-381Z targets low distortion and high-linearity attenuation. It presents a series resistance of 70 Ω at 1 mA and 7 Ω at 10 mA, in addition to a capacitance of 0.3 pF. All three are specified for operation at up to 3 GHz. They can be used in wireless infrastructure, CATV, mobile handset, cordless phone, and wireless local-area network applications. Prices range from $0.11 each for the HSMP-389Z in 220,000-unit quantities to $0.16 each for the 381Z in 150,000-unit lots.

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