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Communications: RapidIO Serial Switch Chip Offers Configurable Port Widths, Speeds

The Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch delivers a low-power solution with multiple port widths (up to four 4X lines or eight 1X links) and speed configurations (1.25, 2.5, or 3.125 Gbits/s). The chip builds on the patent-pending technology of the company's Tsi568A, which was released earlier this year but offers a smaller footprint for cost-sensitive systems. Able to support an aggregate bandwidth of 40 Gbits/s, the Tsi564A interconnects serial RapidIO processors and peripheral devices and can be used in hot-swappable systems. It's housed in a compact 21- by 21-mm, 399-ball BGA package and costs less than $59 apiece in volume. The company's RapidIO development tools and boards support the switch chip.

Tundra Semiconductor Corp.

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