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Compact Embedded Form Factor Suits Ultra-Mobile Apps

Targeting next-generation embedded processors using 45-nm technology, the Qseven form factor developed by congatec AG and Seco s.r.l. offers high-performance embedded computing on a board measuring 70 by 70 mm. The new standard allows various processor configurations to maximize passive cooling technology.

With a maximum power consumption of 12 W, the form factor will appeal to manufacturers of applications that require fanless operation. If heat dissipation is an issue, a thermal cooling interface will help transfer heat to a cooling solution.

Extensive industry-standard connectivity options include: four PCI Express, two SATA, six USB 2.0, one 1000BaseT Ethernet, two SDIO 8-bit, two LVDS 24 bit, DVO/SDVO (shared), video-input port, high-definition audio, I2C bus, and low pin-count bus. By leveraging the mobile PCI Express module (MXM) connector format, Qseven offers three connector heights, from 4.3 mm to 7.8 mm. The companies said this configuration should make the Qseven platform as simple to integrate as a DIMM memory module.

Typical applications will include automation and DIN rail systems, automotive, and anywhere an ultra-mobile embedded computing system is needed. Vendors are invited to join congatec AG and SECO’s open consortium. The companies plan to release a general specification by the end of April, with a full design guide available by May.

congatec AG

Seco s.r.l.

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