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Compact Encoder System Suits Portable Devices

Based on laser rotary encoder technology and consisting of a specialized motor encoder and a controller, the KP1SM100 system is designed to precisely control laser beam scanning through high inertia mirrors. The new, ultra-compact encoder system is said to be particularly applicable for portable electronic devices and is expected to find wide use in various laser marking and processing applications, including high-density pc board manufacturing. It also has applications in laser trimmers, rapid prototyping equipment, and other high precision areas. The system features a high scanning angle (±10°) and rotor inertia (10.5 gcm-sq.) with a 30-mm diameter mirror, resulting in a positioning resolution of 0.02 arc-seconds or less. Torque constant is 0.10 Nm/A. The KP-1SM100 laser scanners achieve a positioning accuracy of 0.5 µrad or lower and accelerate to settling speeds of 0.7 ms/0.3° and settling range of ±215 µrad. For more information, contact Ron Travis at CANON U.S.A. INC., Semiconductor Division Encoder Products Group, Lake Success, NY. (516) 328-4611.

Company: CANON U.S.A. INC. - Semiconductor Division Encoder Products Group

Product URL: Click here for more information

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