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Compact Industrial Chassis Holds Six Half-Size Cards

Up to six half-size card slots are provided in the SBX6S compact and ruggedized industrial chassis. It offers two types of backplanes: a six-slot ISA or a five-slot ISA/PCI. The front-accessible, 5.25" x 1.63" drive bay can accommodate one CD-ROM, one floppy drive and an internal 2.5" hard drive in a notebook format. With its 150W switch-selectable power supply, the unit provides power for a fully loaded computer platform for use in international markets. All cards are held in place with a hold-down bracket so the chassis can be mounted in various orientations. It's fully configurable with the firm's VIPer half-size single-board computers. Also, the SBS6S can provide three 32-bit, 5 vdc PCI expansion slots in a half-size chassis.

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