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Compact Journal Printer Targets OEM Designs

The FTP-622 series journal printer is designed for OEM applications that require a hard-copy record of transactions such as banking terminals, POS kiosks, and medical and scientific instrumentation. Measuring 125 mm x 230 mm x 118 mm, this compact printer consists of a 58-mm print mechanism, paper rewinder, and a control board integrated onto a metal-framed unit. The printer uses the direct thermal line-dot method and requires a 24V and 5V power supply. Maximum print speed is 80 mm/s with a resolution of 203 dpi. Head drive current is stated as being 1.16A, but can be reduced to 0.58A by selecting the 30 mm/s print speed. A detection function monitors the thermal head temperature, head-up position, and if the paper is out or near its end. Operational life is 50 km of paper or 100 Mpulses. The printer is available with either a Centronics or serial interface. Pricing is $234 each/100 with the Centronics interface and $303 with a serial interface.


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