Compact MOSFETs Take To Sleek Mobile Apps

PCIM 2012 Nuremberg: Renesas Electronics added eight low-loss P- and N-channel power MOSFETs, optimised for use in portable electronics such as smartphones and tablets, to its range of devices.

To meet the insatiable demand for smaller, thinner form factors with lower power consumption, designers are turning to power MOSFETs that support large currents and feature lower on-resistance for use in charge/discharge control, RF power amplifier on/off control, and overcurrent cutoff switches.

Renesas accepted the challenge by developing the 20V (VDSS) µPA2600 and the 30V µPA2601 power MOSFETs, both housed in ultra-compact 2mm by 2mm packages. The packaging ultimately increases power efficiency and miniaturisation within smaller mobile-device form factors.

The µPA2600 and µPA2601 MOSFETs reduce mounting areas in a variety of applications.They include load switches (which turn power applied to ICs on or off) and charge/discharge control in portable devices, and on/off control and overcurrent cutoff switches in RF power amplifiers (amplifiers for high-frequency signals). On-resistance is 9.3mΩ (typical value at VGSS= 4.5V) for the 20V (VDSS) µPA2600 device and 10.5mΩ (typical value at VGSS=10 V) for the 30V µPA2601 device.

Use of the ultra-compact packages was made possible by placing large-area, high-performance chips in miniature packages and by employing an exposed heatsink miniature package, thus efficiently dissipating the package heat to the mounting board. The µPA2600 and similar products can reduce mounting area by approximately 30% compared to existing 3mm by 2mm packages, while the µPA2672 and similar products can shrink mounting area by approximately 40% compared to 3mm by 3mm packages.

The halogen-free MOSFETs conform to the RoHS directive (Note 1).

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