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Compact Pentium Board Targets High-End GUIs

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Aiming at the market for high-end graphical user interfaces (GUIs), such as Internet-access terminals, the PIM-582 all-in-one miniboard computer supports Pentium socket 7 CPUs that drive both CRT and flat-panel displays. The board includes: AGP SVGA for CRT; an optional C&T 69000-based PCI LCD/CRT display controller; 100BaseSE-TX/10Base-T Ethernet controller; ESS Solo-1 3D sound interface; two DIMM sockets; DiskOnChip socket; floppy and Ultra DMA 66 Enhance IDE interfaces; four serial ports; an enhanced parallel port; PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports; two USB ports; an IrDA interface; and a 16-bit Digital I/O port. The compact board's main chipset, SiS 530, supports 100 MHz FSB for CPU speeds up to 550 MHz.

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