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Compact Radial Resistors Available From 1 Ω To 100 MΩ

Type MK132V/MK632V noninductive, precision power film resistors are available in the compact CK-06 style radial package. Devices are available over the entire 1-Ω to 100-MΩ range. A tolerance of 1% is standard, and their temperature coefficient is 50 ppm/°C from 5 Ω to 5 MΩ and 80 ppm/°C from 5.01 to 100 MΩ. With ratings of 0.75 W and 400 V, the compact MK resistor can replace many different sizes of RN-style axial-leaded resistors. This gives designers maximum flexibility without the need to re-layout circuit boards for different sizes of axial resistors depending on resistance value or power rating. The resistors' design features a reliable, molded case with "V" standoffs and radial leads on 0.20-in. centers. Their noninductive performance, wide operating-temperature ranges, and high power density suit industrial controls, avionics, power supplies, amplifier circuits, and general test equipment. Pricing depends on tolerance value and quantity ordered. For the MK132V-5Meg-1%, OEM pricing is $1.76 each for 1000-unit lots.

Caddock Electronics Inc.; (541)496-0700

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