Electronic Design

Compact SBC Provides Power In A PC/104 Footprint

Based on a highly integrated 386 core, the SBC1390 single-board computer (SBC) provides a powerful controller in a PC/104 footprint. The board includes four serial ports, three timers/counters, and two cascaded interrupt controllers. Its on-board PC card interface accepts a Wi-Fi wireless Ethernet card. The SBC1390 is implemented with the Intel 386EX processor, which offers speeds of 25 to 33 MHz. Memory includes 32 Mbytes of SDRAM. The basic model also comes with 16 Mbytes of DRAM and 1 Mbyte of flash memory. It provides a synchronous serial port and a watchdog timer. The SBC1390 SBC costs $295 apiece.

Micro/sys Inc.
www.embeddedsys.com; (818) 244-4600

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