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Compact Single-Board Vision Systems Create Smart Cameras For Many OEM Tasks

The models in a new line of single-board industrial machine-vision products from Vision Components feature a remote sensing head configuration that lets designers use smart cameras in equipment or environments where space is at a premium.

When coupled with the available development software from Analog Devices and the available VCLIB image-processing library from Vision Components, these systems suit a variety of OEM needs, including inspection, orientation, and recognition tasks. Measuring 120 by 70 by 18 mm, the single-board devices work with standard industrial C-mount lenses as well as with fixed focal-length 12-mm lenses.

The VCSBC13 and VCSBC11 models both have an interlaced, CCIR video signal output and work from a 12-V power supply. They feature 500 by 582 pixels and 740 by 580 pixels of resolution, respectively. Each has 2 Mbytes of RAM and 512 kbytes of flash EPROM.

The VCSBC38 is available with either a 12- or a 24-V power supply. It features 640- by 480-pixel resolution, progressive scan image capture, instant triggering, an SVGA video signal output, full-frame integration, an electronic shutter, and vertical resets and restarts. Also, it holds 8 Mbytes of RAM and 2 Mbytes of flash EPROM.

Pricing for the VCSBC13 is $589. The VCSBC11 is $668. And, the VCSBC38 is $1506. Prices are adjusted accordingly when purchased in volume.

Vision Components, 67 South Bedford St., Ste. 400W, Burlington, MA 01803; (781) 229-5842; www.vision-comp.com. Outside the U.S., contact Vision Components GmbH, Michael Schaefer, Ottostrasse 2, D-76275 Ettlingen, Germany; +49 (0)721 2167-0; www.vision-comp.de.

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