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Compact Socket Accepts 0.50-mm Pitch BGAs

An innovation in fine-pitch socket technology makes possible a ball-grid array (BGA) socket adapter system with a 0.50-mm pitch. This hybrid design uses male and female pins in an interstitial pattern that offers the reliability of screw-machined terminals with multifinger contacts in a compact surface-mount technology (SMT) socket.

One benefit is the adapter's small overall size—it's only 2.00 mm larger than the device package, with no external hold-downs required. This patent-pending design works well for developing and validating BGA and leadless-grid array (LGA) devices while offering good electrical performance with very low signal attenuation up to 2.5 GHz. The adapter also is useful for production-level socketing and SMT board-to-board connector applications. Designers can choose from standard eutectic tin/lead solder balls or new lead-free tin/silver/copper solder-ball terminals for applications that comply with the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances. Unique alignment pins protect pin field and aid in hand placement. Optional standoffs are available. The data sheet and signal-integrity simulation data, including IBIS, HSpice, and Touchstone models, are available online.

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Advanced Interconnections Corp.


The Cannon DLP series of zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors from ITT Electronic Components provides greater contact reliability and less signal crosstalk than many existing products. Because the contact in the receptacle (female) connector mates directly to the pc board on the plug half, signal paths are minimized, and crosstalk is kept to a minimum. The connectors are available in 136-, 204-, 272-, and 408-pin configurations. Rated current is 0.5 A, and contact resistance is 30 m½ maximum. Pricing is approximately $0.30 per I/O, depending on volume and the configuration. Visit www.ittcannon.com for additional details.

Designed to provide fast, safe, and reliable terminations in harsh environments, the diagnostic Profibus (Process Field Bus) connectors from 2E Mechatronic suit applications requiring comprehensive test functions to facilitate Profibus network troubleshooting. The Profibus D-Sub nine-pin connectors boast an EMI/RFI-shielded metal housing, and they're sealed to IEC standard IP-20. The diagnostic Profibus connectors are available from distributor CDM Electronics and start at $50. Delivery is from stock. Find out more at www.cdmelectronics.com.

Molex is offering a range of high-density connectors for flat-panel displays (FPDs), low-voltage differential-signal (LVDS) televisions, and similar applications. These flat-flexible-cable/ flexible-printed-circuitry (FFC/FPC) connectors support large circuit sizes. They're ideal for FPD applications that sometimes require up to 1000 signal lines per unit. The smallest pitch size in this family is a 0.30-mm version that includes staggered tails to achieve its compact 90-circuit design. There are several 0.40-mm pitch types that feature the company's BackFlip actuator design, which rotates 90° to ease cable insertion and offers an internal pre-hold cable feature. For more information, go to www.molex.com.

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